Realization Services, Inc. ("RSI"), formed in 1997, is a full-service strategic consulting firm specializing in turnaround management and value enhancement, with over 30 years of hands-on experience. Led by Mr. Barry L. Kasoff, President, RSI brings a team of seasoned professional turnaround consultants to handle the most complex business issues and challenges.

RSI offers solutions to many of the challenging issues businesses face today. We have extensive experience in the strategic, financial and operational aspects of company turnarounds, interim operating management, liquidations, bankruptcy, investment banking, fraud investigations, evaluations of management and other key areas. Our professionals have strong backgrounds in a multitude of disciplines including strategic planning, finance, accounting, operations, logistics, marketing and general management. RSI assists management to distill and interpret information and data that is required to re-think, plan, restructure, execute and monitor company actions toward defined goals and objectives.

At RSI, we take a hands-on, team approach, focusing on the immediate needs of your company's business. Our professionals serve as intensive-care interim managers or consultants with the goal of gaining a complete picture of your business and improving profitability. With our management services, your business can benefit from enhanced revenue, reduced costs, increased productivity and profitability, improved asset utilization and better planning and monitoring. RSI accomplishes these with speed and cost-effectiveness.

We provide our clients with the full services of a merchant bank, which includes assistance with short-term loans and/or bridge financing to provide working capital. When quick financing is critical, rapid and individualized service is crucial to the survival of a business. RSI can be the answer to your needs.

We have the capabilities and experience to handle the various areas within investment banking for our clients. Investment banking is often the solution when companies have financial difficulties and/or immediate capital is needed to maintain or expand the business. At RSI, we take on the role of an investment bank by providing clients with the services of raising financing for restructurings, bank repayments, mergers, acquisitions and business expansions. Our team prides itself on our great track record in structuring, pricing, negotiating and closing transactions, and selling a business or its assets, within the shortest time possible.

RSI also has extensive experience in areas involving allegations of inappropriate, unethical or criminal conduct within various businesses and industries. Our team of consultants will handle your most complex business issues and challenges. RSI’s goal is to bring focus and successful closure to an assignment in the shortest time possible.

We serve a variety of clients across a diverse spectrum of industries. These include stakeholders of distressed businesses, such as:

  • Creditors
  • Boards of Directors/Managers
  • Owners and Investors
  • Senior management
  • Secured lenders
  • Other stakeholders