The expertise of a proven turnaround professional lies in his or her ability to give the correct guidance, and make the right decisions, in the shortest possible time under critical business circumstances. An MBA degree or CPA, CTP, CFA or other certification is certainly helpful, but a turnaround manager’s value results from his or her track record of experience and success. RSI follows a proven methodology that provides the best chance for a business to implement a healthy recovery or make other significant progress.

Our methodology includes:

  • Analyzing and attacking the company’s most pressing and damaging issues
  • Identifying critical financial and operating problems
  • Developing an action plan that will give the company stability and positive cash flow
  • Assessing the actual sources of problems and formulating clear solutions
  • Correcting the problems with approaches that prevent recurrence
  • Educating senior management and key staff to strengthen their skill sets and enable them to meet current and anticipated conditions
  • Assisting senior management to create a framework and adopt policies that will detect problems and prevent difficulties from happening again

Our performance under the most challenging scenarios has earned us the highest level of respect and trust with our clients.


We maintain the strictest confidentiality. Prior to reviewing any financial documents or business information from a potential client, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement.


We invoice on a weekly basis. Fees are generally billed hourly for each consultant, based on his or her professional position. Based on an individual client’s needs, however, we are able to offer flexible and cost-effective fee structures in appropriate cases. These can include:

  • Flat fees
  • Contingent compensation
  • Hourly compensation subject to a ceiling or “cap”
  • Incentive compensation based on “milestone” achievements
  • Debt and/or equity participations
  • Combinations of the above

At RSI we…

  • Have a 100% successful track record based on clients’ expectations, providing creditors and investors with superior results
  • Complete most engagements within six months or less
  • Strive to create a self-funding environment within two months of obtaining an assignment
  • Are not just a service provider; we also provide the services of an investment bank, including assisting clients with short-term loans, real estate financing and/or bridge financing to provide working capital
  • Have a strong professional team and significant partnerships with both outside professional firms and industry experts
  • Provide flexible and cost-effective fee structures, including flat fees, contingent compensation, capped compensation and debt and/or equity participations
  • Bring rapid solutions to negotiations, bank financings, exit strategies, litigation and other areas critical to a successful restructuring
  • Have a proven and longstanding track record in uncovering fraud and unethical or criminal conduct, and favorably resolving these issues

 Industries we serve