RSI performs assessments of personnel staffing, either corporate-wide or as to specific divisions, business units or locations. We help your company formulate and implement plans to rationalize and optimize your workforce. Our approach can be focused in scope, or more comprehensive depending on your needs. Steps can include the following:


  • Assessing your workforce in terms of its overall size, range of functions and effectiveness in view of your company’s immediate and longer-term needs and goals.
  • Identifying critical human resource/staffing issues and proposing immediate solutions.
  • Designing appropriate measures to create efficiencies and optimize the size of the workforce.
  • Determining if reductions in force (RIFs) are appropriate, and if so, the extent and timing of actions needed to achieve optimization objectives.
  • Determining whether augmenting or strengthening the workforce may be appropriate with respect to specific functions, business units and/or locations.
  • Considering whether compensation, incentive plan and benefit levels should be adjusted, and if so, recommending specific changes.
  • Determining whether essential functions can be performed more effectively or at lower cost (or both) via cross-training or outsourcing.

Recommendations and Projections

  • Recommending appropriate personnel actions based on evaluation of each individual manager or employee and determining whether he or she should be retained; moved or promoted within the organization; or let go (including the specific timing of termination).
  • Preparing projections and detailed cost budgets for achieving desired staffing levels.
  • For planned personnel reduction or augmentation (as the case may be), taking into account all relevant expenses (such as WARN Act and severance payments) and savings.


  • Performing actual terminations, including communicating with managers and employees to be let go and those to be retained.
  • Handling (with legal counsel as needed) compliance with federal WARN Act requirements and applicable state laws.
  • Implementing actions to incentivize and retain key managers and employees as desired.

Fee Arrangements

We adapt our fee arrangements to fit the needs of the individual client and the type and scope of work involved. Fee structures may be hourly, weekly, monthly or on a fixed (i.e., project) basis. In appropriate cases, contingent or incentive compensation may be involved (for example, fees based on a percentage of cost savings from Reductions in Force). We generally require an up-front retainer, with some exceptions.