RSI offers various services to enhance the value of your business. Whether you are an owner looking to increase your company’s potential, or a seller who wishes to maximize exit value, RSI can help you accomplish your objectives. RSI will review each key aspect of your business, and work to understand strengths and opportunities as well as weaknesses, both within the company and as a participant in the broader marketplace. RSI will undertake a collaborative analysis with management, and adapt our approach to meet management’s criteria and goals. We will make appropriate recommendations and provide a detailed action plan for change. Our services can take many forms, including revenue enhancement initiatives; cost management services; productivity and profitability enhancement; improved asset utilization; better marketing and distribution; greater exploitation of branding; more efficient personnel practices; and other measures. RSI can act solely as a consultant in a value-enhancement role, or at your request serve as an interim executive (such as Chief Financial Officer or Chief Operating Officer). We are expert at discerning and building exceptional and fundamental value for our clients, which will provide improved and sustainable profitability and added enterprise value.