Investment banking firms specialize in raising capital that businesses require for their sustainability or long-term growth. Investment bankers advise companies on strategic issues that involve business dispositions, sales of equity, mergers, acquisitions and other major financial transactions.

Investment banking firms are often the answer for many companies that are seeking a solution to financial difficulties. An investment bank can assist a company with raising cash to sustain or expand operations. In these cases, the investment banker steps into the role of an intermediary between companies that have capital (the investor) and those who need it (distressed companies).

RSI takes on the role of an experienced investment banker by providing our clients with the services of raising secured debt for restructurings, business expansions, mergers and acquisitions and other transactions. RSI will assist the client to structure the transaction, price it and negotiate the terms and conditions. We also perform the due diligence and work to close the transaction within the shortest possible time. 

We take on the role of intermediary to sell a client's business in its entirety, or with respect to specific divisions or subsidiaries. 

At RSI we…

  • Analyze capital structures
  • Identify and approach funding sources
  • Structure and price transactions
  • Actively negotiate secured debt placements
  • Prepare confidential information memoranda
  • Negotiate the final terms between the client and the investor within a short timeframe
  • Determine the value of the business to be sold
  • Negotiate with secured and unsecured parties and vendors to maximize management equity positions
  • Arrange the sale of business units, divisions and subsidiaries as rapidly as possible
  • Pride ourselves on our 100% track record of meeting clients’ expectations for raising secured debt or selling a business in the shortest time possible, with the best possible outcome for the client