Sometimes the only course of action for a business is to liquidate or file for bankruptcy protection. Liquidations require rapid and effective business recovery and insolvency management services.

In a fast-paced economy, obtaining maximum recovery can be daunting, especially when the time factor is critical. The tasks may involve selling at the best possible price excess and surplus inventory; merchandise; machinery and equipment; fixtures; retail or wholesale overstock; closeouts; and residential or commercial real estate.

Moving quickly to maximize the value of a distressed company's assets, turning them into cash and distributing the proceeds to creditors is a complex process. To act in the best interests of both client and creditors, this process requires hands-on, experienced consultants who have the requisite skills and understanding of the client's needs and opportunities. RSI's highly qualified team has the experience to achieve the highest valuations and returns possible for all involved parties.

RSI also has strong strategic alliances with liquidation specialists, who work diligently with our team to liquidate inventory, machinery and equipment and real estate to achieve the best possible results.

At RSI we are…

  • Meticulous in our review, analysis and realization of all available assets
  • Determined to collect all available assets and distribute them to the company's secured and unsecured creditors, and (ultimately) owners
  • Diligent in maintaining constant contact with the client, its creditors and other stakeholders as to the progress of and outlook for a liquidation

Across a wide range of business liquidations, RSI has a proven track record in obtaining the best results in the shortest possible time.